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Thanks Jason! I am the founder of where we are building a realtime market for breaking news. Ask me anything!
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@antonreport Anton is spot on with this!
@lancemayfield Thank you, Lance - happy to answer any questions.
Met the founder yesterday, this sounds like a good idea. If you just post photo or video, say, on Twitter, media networks can't just pick it up and use it, because of copyright issues. This solves the rights issues and also lets citizen journalists get paid.
Known @antonreport for years and I've been fortunate enough to watch the product transition from it's humble beginnings. Keep kicking ass!
@TheRealSajad Thank you for the great words! :-)
Amazing product, plan and founder!
@craigzingerline Thank you, Craig!
Just added a screenshot or two so you can see what it's like. If you know any media people - have them give us a shout!