Simple and Secure VR/AR App Distribution

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Thanks for hunting Justin! Hey ProductHunt! I'm Jaime Bueza, one of the founders of ConstructVR. We built ConstructVR because we've experienced the same pain points as other Samsung Gear VR developers and 360 video content producers of privately distributing Gear VR experiences to clients, testers, and teammates. Our solution is the simplest way to distribute private Gear VR apps because we automate the OSig process (Oculus Signature files are device-specific and enable you to run Gear VR apps), integrate with existing developer tools, as well as, make it incredibly easy to invite your team and install private Gear VR apps with our Android app. Furthermore, we've helped organizations distribute private builds in digital advertising, education, entertainment, gaming, real estate, fashion, and retail. Let us know what you think! Cheers! Jaime Bueza & Chris Tan ConstructVR
Great idea and awesome team, keep up the good work!
@tommytcchan Thanks so much! We love helping the VR community build apps faster!