Ephemeral video sharing and streaming where content is king

HI all and thanks for checking out Constent. To explain a little more about why we did this: Constent, really is a bit of an experiment to see if we can slightly turn content distribution and consumption on its head. Can the quality of a piece of content fly around the world without people caring about the size of their social following? The future will let us know. We hope it can. We all know that if Bieber or a Kardashian posts something somewhere, millions will see it but is the content always worth that many eyeballs? What about Dave from Manchester that can do a hand stand on 1 finger or Jean in Marseille with the break dancing scorpion? Surely they deserve more of our attention? Please let me know if you have any questions? Mark (Constent)
How will this compete with Snapchat?
@matthui Hi Matthew, we are not really looking to compete with Snapchat. Snapchat is primarily to send destructible video messages to set people. What we aim to do is be a platform for creators of amazing content to publish to the world and see what the world thinks. If the world likes it the content will get to more people. I hope that answers you question? Cheers Mark
Kind of weird how the on boarding dots are on the top instead of the bottom. You say you can have "one or a mixture" so I expected checkbox behavior, but it's actually radio; that copy could be clearer. I think the reason Matthew compared it to Snapchat is because it's very "My Story"-ish, but it reminds me more of Beme so far. It'd be interesting to see how you guys establish Constent's own distinct personality.