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Hi all, I'm a co-founder at Conspire. We're excited to give you all the first look at our Chrome plugin! Based on analysis of billions of email interactions, our system understands who knows each other and how well. It shows your strongest connections to the people you look at on LinkedIn and AngelList (and more sites to come). I think you'll be surprised at how connected you are. Would love your questions and feedback!
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This is *very* thoughtful. Obviously LinkedIn connections are stronger than others. Conspire promises to surface the signal strength. I suspect LinkedIn would be very interested in this. However, isn't there a network problem here? Don't you need to know the email connection history for lots of people before this fulfills its promise? If my connection to Brad is through David, how is it possible to understand signal strength between David and Brad without David being a Conspire user? I understand that you'll know about my connection to David through my own email history (even if David isn't a user), but what about the next step?
Hey Ryan, great question. It's true we need some data beyond your own to give you insights about mutual connections and longer paths. But note we don't need data from each person in the path. If you and Brad are users and we see a connection to David in both of your communication patterns, we can stitch those connections together to form a path even if David isn't a user... Of course he is a user, so maybe not the perfect example ;)
Congrats @AlexDevkar. Looks like an awesome product. I've loved the core Conspire product. Excited to try this
@sydney_liu_sl Thanks! Would love your feedback. Our goal with the plugin was to pop up relevant info as you go about your normal day. Whenever you're on LinkedIn (and Angel List and Gmail), we'll show you something userful/interesting.
Been beta testing this for a few weeks and I love it! Super duper secret - it works on AngelList too :)
@fletchrichman Yep, and even more secret, it works in Gmail too. That's the latest thing we're working on.
Been using this for a few weeks, loving it. Really useful for biz dev and outreach!
@paulcothenet That's great to hear. Thanks!