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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉
WOW I love this interface Conversational but beautiful... really digging it!
Simo Santavirta
Simo SantavirtaMaker@simppafi
@bentossell Thanks :) Took some polishing, but it feels pretty nice now.
Simo Santavirta
Simo SantavirtaMaker@simppafi
Hi all! I’m Simo, the maker of Conrad Wise. I’d love to answer any questions if you have them :)
Chris Bernardi
Chris Bernardi@simplyand
@simppafi Love to see that you built it with Fuse too!
Simo Santavirta
Simo SantavirtaMaker@simppafi
@simplyand Yeah the javascript+ux workflow starts to feel very nice now with Fuse. Only thing is that it's so easy to add some little animations and polishing to the app that releasing might get postponed quite a bit :) I withdraw the app from review several times just to add some little tweaks to animations. But those are the little things that matter, I think.
Kaili Kleemeier
Kaili Kleemeier@kailikleemeier · Founder & CEO of Deekit, Techstars alumn
Great interface, indeed. Totally in love - fun!
Simo Santavirta
Simo SantavirtaMaker@simppafi
@kailikleemeier Thanks a lot. Happy to see happy users. :) Try it with kids, if you manage to catch one. They are so knowledge hungry, it's quite magical. We have this play, with my four year old son, where he tells me the topic (I might help a bit) and I read what Conrad Wise tells about it. He's 100% focused and devoted to learn from the master.