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This tool is awesome! Here's my map: @dcurtis has been giving away free invites; but also just opened it up so anyone can pay $10 for lifetime early access. How it works is you manually enter any place (city, landmark, country, airport etc) and it adds a pin on your own unique map. Very simple, but very addictive. I'd love to see the maps of anyone else using this!
@_jacksmith Looks good :) You have been to Pakistan too! How was it like?
@navinkulkarni Yes, I did! It was great. At one of my previous startups, we established a remote team in Pakistan, and after a few years, one of the guys was getting married, so I went out for his wedding. Not many people in his town had met a foreigner before, so I was quite a VIP. Faisalabad, where I spent most of my time, is quite rural (e.g. camels and donkeys on the street along with cars and motorbikes); but Islamabad (the capital) could really be anywhere in the world, as it's super developed. Here is a picture of me riding a camel on the street:
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@_jacksmith Love to get an invite if you can swing it. But having something like this tied to swarm or facebook to import places you've already been.
@sacbookreviewer I don't think that they have an invite system built yet unfortunately.
This is nice! I have been playing with a similar idea myself for long, since I am a heavy traveller but did not have the time to actually jump on it, so it's good to see somebody taking over it. Though seems pretty bare bones to me and cannot justify even the early access of $10. The only thing I get is to drop pins on a map, or am I missing something bigger? i.e. shouldn't I be able to input the dates I travelled to each place so as to have a better view of my travels? @dcurtis I'd be happy to discuss more over this subject
@k_onstantinos yep. Dustin has said that it's only 80% complete so far; and the $10 isn't really a business model, he's been giving out free invites. He's just charging $10 who wants instant access and doesn't want to wait for it to be ready. I still found it pretty cool to use.
@_jacksmith thanks for the heads up and excited to see what @dcurtis will be adding. I agree it looks really nice, though can't tell how cool it is to use since I cannot try it. An invitation would be nice ;)
@k_onstantinos the dashboard screenshot that I've uploaded is pretty much the entire product at the moment :)
Supercool! It will be great if you attach one photo for every one dot.
@neelkadia great idea!
@_jacksmith @neelkadia I have an app that does this exactly (iOS only right now) Owlocator ( I can send you a download code if you're interested
@piero_ruiz @neelkadia I would like to see that! Looks promising.
@neelkadia Let me know where to send them to
Yes! I've been hoping for something like this / daydreaming of building my own for a long time. Currently I track my travels with an old NYT experimental app called, which I can export to a loooong list of GPS coordinates. Hope I can import those someday! I also try to keep a Google map of manually updated locations, but I've found that it doesn't handle over 200 points very well. (map here: The day in 2011 when an iOS update deleted that hidden location history due to the privacy outcry was a sad, sad day for me... I would *love* an invite to check this out if you've still got room, @dcurtis.
@benburns If your pictures have the gps metadata I can send you a download code for my app Owlocator (
Just got back from South Africa, London, and Hong Kong and I was looking for an online map. This was perfect and super easy to use! Here's my map