ConnSuite is an online platform that provides an upgrade to the classic business card! Link all your social media profiles and showcase articles about you and your work, everything under one single username! Become a ConnSuite star right now!

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Hello Hunters! Razvan(19) here, Founder of ConnSuite! I am really proud to have my work from the past months live on to the web! And especially here for you! First of all, let me tell you a few things about what this startup is all about πŸš€! ConnSuite is an online approach to the classic Business Card! Create an account, link to all the contact-methods,networks and profiles you already have and showcase articles and external resources about yourself and your work, for everyone to have a look at and give them the opportunity to reach out to you. Win them over, more than you could with a classic business card! A few of the main features: ➑ Link to all your other Accounts and Social media Profiles (Twitter, Github, Slack, PH etc.) πŸ”₯ Link to or create Articles about your Work and your Achievements 🀝 Share and request Business Cards through the app πŸ–Œ Transfer all your paper cards Online and have Access to them 24/7 πŸ“² Have all the Important Data about you and your Networks in One single place πŸš€ Upgrade your Business Identity Would definitely love ❀️ to hear some feedback from you and brainstorm some more ideas to work on in order to improve ConnSuite and deliver the awesome tool you need! P.S. All my contact data and more on
@razgraf Hello Razvan :) congrats on your app! I'll definitely try it out ;)
@antonio_bologna Thank you for the support! I'm here to answer any questions you might have about ConnSuite :>
Wow @razgraf, this looks great and works brilliantly. What else have you planned? I frankly would want to see this as my go-to app/platform while attending events and networking. I have few suggestions that I would like to share (may be over DM) Here's one of them: Congrats on the launch, I just love the gradient blue and curve cards interface.
@adithya Thank you for your support !! It means a lot! I do think you have a great point with the business card widget! I'll place it on my to-do list and try to implement it ASAP. I also have planned to maybe introduce a business-card scanner so you can save your paper business cards more easily into the app (now you can only do it by hand). Also I'll definitely implement some kind of a CRM in the near future to have a better grasp on the statistics of your profile in order to take advantage of the important features that might help you in your business ventures!

Will recommend to my peers. With more work it could develop into a great networking tool.


Useful tool. All my social contacts in one place to easily share.


Would need to test it more.

nice work Razvan! I particularly like the granular public / private aspect, where I can have a public profile but make things like my phone number private. Any thoughts on making these exportable as VCF files that could be imported to other contact apps? As it stands I wouldn't have access to my Business Book if I am offline
@sammybauch Thank you for the feedback! Hmm did not think about the VCF possibility up until now, but as you say, it might help to import data from or TO connsuite in order to have a more complete business-card experience! Will think about it for V2!

I love the design of the app


Very useful and practical. It helps me a lot and I sincerely recommend it to all the people out there.πŸ˜ƒ


Could be further tested

Congrats Razvan! Great tool! Very useful. Already using it and will definately recommend.
@elias_arosemena Thank you a lot for your support Elias!🀘