Large-scale reactive programming in Javascript/Typescript

CONNECTIVE is a thin layer built on top of RxJS that boosts its flexibility and scalability without limiting its potential. This means that you can leverage reactive programming to a solve Frontend, Backend and IoT development problems and more.
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great library :-)
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CONNECTIVE brings reactive programming to the fore-front of web development, as it best captures the essence of the logic in those domains, which is basically an event/data flow graph. Current languages and tools are built around the traditional sequential flow of a program, and this mismatch makes it pretty hard to properly adopt the paradigm without proper libraries/tooling. RxJS is one of the best such libraries, though it lacks some essential features for being properly used at scale: - It models the flows with inverse event/data flow trees, which though an improvement over the sequential flow still limits how larger flows are described, - It does not provide any abstraction for re-use of reactive flows, which is essential to large-scale codes based on the paradigm (imagine coding without functions). CONNECTIVE is a thin library on top of RxJS that addresses those issues. It is designed to be complementary to RxJS, boosting its flexibility and scalability without limiting its potential. You can read the following entry on the docs section for more info about these issues and how CONNECTIVE addresses them: CONNECTIVE v RxJS Documentation
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This looks great and useful. Can I use gradle / maven to implement?
@naris_tech This relates to Javascript. Maven / Gradle should relate to Java, so I wouldn't say that there's a link here.
@must3892 I got that. I've checked your GitHub already thanks!