Connection Flow Arrows

Create connected arrows for sitemaps & user flows in Sketch

This plugin creates vector shape arrows between selected objects and adds all the arrows to the bottom of the layer list as a locked group. Arrows will not disturb you while interacting with all the other layers and you can connect any type of layer

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Sounds cool. It's like mind maps in the Sketch.
@chikhalov Thank you Yuri! Hopefully soon will add integration with the Realtimeboard
You've actually made a wish come true for me @faridsabitov, thanks very much! I work on entire feature documents which involve workflows, user flows, all sorts of flows which can be an absolute pain to update once a change occurs. This is awesome, thanks for your work!
@perpetuumstefan thank you! If you have any suggestions, please share! Right now I'm working on ability to provide shared arrow style ๐Ÿ‘
nice - looking forward to trying it out. Q: is it possible to link arrows 'back' ?
Thank you @guiseiz1! On the next update I've added ability to choose arrow style. And on the next update (this week) will add ability to put arrows back: If you have any other suggestions, I'm happy to help!