Connected Breath

A 60-second group meditation experience

A meditation experience that synchronizes your breath with hundreds of people across the world

- Daily reminders to join your group meditation

- Designed for simplicity; connect in seconds

- Develops foundational meditation habits

- Original Music/Sound FX

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5 Reviews5.0/5
Hey All, I wanted to make another meditation tool to follow-up my project from a few years back: pixel thoughts ( I love the feeling of group meditation: people intentionally slowing down to breathe together. I wanted to make that feeling accessible at any given moment throughout the day -- so the outcome of that ideation was Connected Breath. It started off pretty small and went through several rounds of iterations, then I decided to create iOS and Android apps around it. My MVP turned into a much bigger project than anticipated, but overall, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Connected Breath has two unique aspects that I have not seen in any other meditation app: 1) Synchronize your breath with all users. When you start your meditation session, your breathing cues will be synchronized with everyone else currently meditating. 2) Daily group meditation offerings. Every day at 8:55 pm, you will be invited to participate in a large group meditation with potentially hundreds of people in your timezone. It starts at 9pm. Happy to answer any questions.

Maybe a nice to have, it would be cool to know where the other people are located.


Great design, simple to use and follow. Knowing how many other people are meditating with me at the same time.


No music selection.

Thanks for the review. Agreed that variation on music would be nice.

Maybe add an advanced option for breath retention or other pranayama exercises?


It's so simple and very effective!


I can't think of any.

That's a very good idea. Just downloaded! Cool 😉
@rodrigo_stevens Great Rodrigo, glad you enjoyed it. Please let me know if you think of any feedback/suggestions/functionality. 😃