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Thanks for sharing this Zaw! We're excited to offer a way for even more commuters to use Scoop everyday to get to work and avoid the pain - and costs - of driving alone. Connect Your Commute was born out of our first Scoop Hackathon, and it's something thousands of commuters who were already signed up and waiting for Scoop had been asking us to create for a long time. Here's how it works: visit Connect Your Commute at and join your route by entering your addresses and then adding your email. Once your route gets to 250 (Bay Area) or 350 (rest of the US) the Scoop team will open it up! It's that simple. Our team couldn't be more excited to get Scoop out there for more commuters after sharing Scoop with the world and the PH community back 6 months ago ( Since then, more than 12,000 Scoop carpools have taken place in just our first few cities, changing the way thousands of people get to work on a daily basis. We'll be around all day if the community here at PH has any questions! Thanks again Zaw!
Congrats on the amazing progress. I love what you guys are building and it's impressive to see how far you've come in such a short time. Knowing that you are originally from Atlanta, what's your plan for that city? We all know traffic there is an absolute nightmare.
@oilcanguitar Great question, Adam! The traffic in Atlanta is what, in large part, inspired @rsadow and to start Scoop in the first place. The congestion has a huge impact on the quality of daily life and the access to jobs around the city. We're hoping to bring Scoop to more cities beyond the Bay Area later in 2016, and solving the traffic problem in cities like Atlanta is definitely at the top of our list. So, stay tuned!
How long did it take you to build this part of Scoop? Such a great idea
@zawthet This was a fun one - it was the first web project we've really done since we're all mobile with Scoop for iOS and Android. Connect Your Commute was built in a day as part of the first ever Scoop Hackathon. We were at it for about ~15 hours straight. It was a good chance for a lot of the time to explore new technologies, and the whole site is built in React, which was fun for us to explore. Everyone was involved - the whole eng team plus the marketing and UX leads designing & writing in real-time. I even wrote a decent chunk of code myself (which may or may not be a good thing!)
Did you seriously make a promoted tweet to promote this submission?
@minimaxir Yep, we made a post this morning and promoted it just for about an hour. Organic reach on Twitter is low and we know a lot of our followers and Scoop commuters don't always know about things like ProductHunt. So, it was a way to spread the word this morning & make sure the people who support Scoop know!
Great idea, and natural fit to the overall Scoop model. Now that you guys have a ton of rides under your belt, what are the biggest surprises you're seeing as you put neighbors together for commutes?
@dshan Hey man! A little late here, apologies. Biggest surprise, honestly, has been how committed people are to providing a good experience for their carpool buddies. Carpooilng takes a lot of selflessness and we've seen that from our awesome community, because they all really believe that a healthy Scoop experience can lead to a better commute, and in turn, a happier lifestyle. On the flip side, we've also learned how nuanced everyone's preferences are about their commute. I won't spill the beans on all the specifics, but every commuter is different and knowing + adjusting to those differences is a big challenge for making carpooling work.