Conker Living Pods

The bright, spacious and comfortable home of the future 🏑

Our mission is to change the way buildings are designed today, by disrupting the norm, challenging construction practices at their core.

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Where do you like... poo?
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@hustlinhack You don't. It's easier to "disrupt the norm" if you can skip basic requirements.
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Very interesting project! Can you please share an estimate of the price? Do you ship within Europe?
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@footer I wish they would advertise price. The fact they don't probably means that these are going to be a luxury product and not a practical thing. I'm beginning to hate the luxury market.
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A longer description wouldn't hurt. Where does it get electricity from? Dimensions and floor square meters, approximate price, shipping. This page and the website give almost no info.
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Spheres aren’t very efficient in terms of space. Why choose that design?
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@mickc79 Yap, even triangle seems much more practical e.g.
@mickc79 because they wanted to disrupt the norm :D
@mickc79 @xjki This actually looks really good, but my guess is that shipping will cost lots of $$$ and I wonder what's putting this thing together like... any contractor can do it?
Presuming this would need a seperate Poo Pod?