Share designs, gather feedback and get approval

Loving the minimalism. There are sooo many similar tools, it's unclear how this is better (competing with design + usability?). Have you played with it, @stef? I've been using InVision and really enjoy it. I've also used to share something quickly.
Thanks @rrhoover. Conjure is really focused on feedback only. Invision is a little different as it tries to do a lot of things, prototyping, live chat, and more but when it comes to getting feedback, versioning a design, archiving and approval, we think Conjure has the upper hand, but we would because we made it! So it's up to you to give it a try and be the judge... Our tool is designed for both the freelancer and a team, it allows you to have multiple accounts, and switch between them... have day job, but also work freelance? Work freelance for 4 different companies? Etc. We're super excited to finally be open, and its going to be completely free for a while, so give it a try, see if it works in your flow, and give us any feedback you can! We're 100% committed to making this the best it can possibly be.
Not used it yet myself - my team are all in one room! But I can see it being handy for more distributed companies. Sam and I were hanging out the other day and we were talking about the similarities between some of these features and what I was trying to achieve with the review and approval tools in one of my past startups.
I've used Invision, Notable, and Layervault. Invision is, as @sammathews mentions, a full suite of design products. Notable, IIRC, is for discussion only. Layervault also does file syncing / version control in addition to discussion. I haven't used Pixelapse but it seems similar to LV (syncing, version control, and discussion). So, it seems like a crowded space. Quick google search shows a bunch more not mentioned here. What is the key differentiation? Why use Conjure over the others?