App for learning Spanish verb conjugations

ConjuGato will help you master the hardest part of the Spanish language – verb conjugations. Try it free and become fluent faster!

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Best. Name. Ever.
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Hey, PH! We created ConjuGato because we were learning Spanish and couldn't find an easy to use conjugation app. With ConjuGato you don't need to type the answers – just think or say the correct verb and tap to check for yourself. This is the perfect app for practicing your conjugations on the go, whenever you have a free minute.
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@ivmirx thanks for making this! it's perfect. I have bought it, but I noticed a bug though which reveals pro features: Also, some sort of transition between interactions and screens would improve the experience for me. If it's more fun to use, I think this could be the leading app for spanish conjugation
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@graeme_fulton thank you!! Yes, a smoother answer reveal should feel better, we just left it out of the MVP. 😅
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@ivmirx yeah it's a great MVP! I used the app so much already in 1 day - i'll be using it every day for sure
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It sounds like an obvious app to exist, but I couldn't find anything like this after searching for a while in the past! ConjuGato has just has what you need, and the buy it now option is much better than annoying ads present in other apps


verb lists and practice cards are really good!


no cons

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Only verbs or other grammar?😀 Really like the name!
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@bbregar thank you! It's just verbs for now.
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I would like to see smth like this for French as well :)
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