Confrere for Intercom

Video calls embedded in Intercom Messenger

With Confrere video calls embedded inside the Intercom Messenger app, you can easily bring your customers from chat straight into video calls, without the hassle of usernames or downloads.

Your customers won’t be directed away from your site. They’ll be free to continue browsing it - even while in a call with you.

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Hi Producthunters!! This was an intense week 😅 We’ve just dogfooded Confrere for Intercom so far, so would love to get feedback from those of you who might be able to add this to your Intercoms. For our team, Intercom has been a great tool, and it’s one of those few products that really live up to it’s pitch: Making communication personal again. So much of online communication just has no human touch. But sometimes, text just isn’t enough. With Confrere for Intercom we’ve tried to make it super-easy to escalate a conversation from chat to video, without guiding them away from your website. PS. This is possible because Confrere is iframeable, which means we could make similar add-ons to other webapps. Let us know if you have ideas for who we should integrate with next!
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@eoghanmccabe Thank you!! :D
Confrere is awesome. Intercom is awesome. This is awesome.
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The integration is really amazing and Ida was great! Confrere reminds me of stripe but for video calling. I will definitely be signing up!
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@johnhaira Thanks for a great chat! And thank you for a HUGE compliment!!
Hi there, this is great news! Will it work on mobile visitors as well?
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@ivap_84 It will (in the browser version of the Intercom Messenger). Currently there is a bug in the intercom iframe which makes it not work on iOS, but we have reported it and it will be fixed this week. Our service works on iOS, so it's just that small bug stopping us at the moment!
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@daginge we're integrating intercom in our client mobile app, we use intercom as a pillar of our mobile app value (doctor-patient relation) it would be great if we could upscale our service adding video chat as well. We are a digital agency and I can foresee this "combo" (intercom infrastructure + easy to access videa call) as a very valuable one for our clients. Once you go mobile, give me a shout.
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@daginge btw, when I say "we" I mean...
I definitely will! We have an API as well which works outside of Intercom, if that is of interest. Currently no video calling Messenger integration can offer native app support, due to limitations in iOS, but as soon as it does we will be ready. Check out or reach out to me on
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Congrats to the Confrere team for building such a seamless, easy-to-use app 🎉 so powerful for times when a video call can help you push a deal over the line or delight a customer. Thank you for being part of the Intercom community 🙏
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@tales_of_cake Working with Confrere for Intercom has helped us lift the user experience of our whole product. It has been immensely helpful to just think about how our product has to work for someone just coming from the Intercom app store, and not having so much context but definitely high expectations - it just has to work immediately. Thank you for the opportunity :)
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