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The only openly operated VPN

The first and only VPN with completely open source code and continuous audits by third parties.

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Hey guys, As you may know, VPNs are often used to protect privacy of consumers & businesses. But currently, they just shift the threat model from an ISP or some malicious intermediary to the VPN itself.  Most VPN recommendations end with the same result - we don't know which one is good, but these are bad and definitely don't use a free one (or sometimes click this affiliate link). So what we built is a new product, Confirmed VPN, that uses a new paradigm, Openly Operated. In open source, you show some or all of your code to the world as a way to share technology & ideas. We see Openly Operated as the next step of that, where you open source your code and can prove that that code and only that code is running on the server to protect privacy and promote better behavior from companies. More information on how here - This means anyone can view the code, prove it is the only code on the server, & audit the product. This is the only product that does this, making it really the only VPN you can trust and maybe the only software you can trust. Look forward to hearing any feedback on the idea!
I have signed up but now I want to remove my account. How can I do that? @rahulda1
@rahulda1 @nucro E-mail us team at confirmed vpn
@rahulda1 @nucro Why did you want to remove your account? Just came across this VPN. Any initial thoughts?
Guys, this sounds nice and all but where have you hidden your pricing details? I see “Start a free 1 week trial“ on literally every page of the website but no mention of the price after the trial ends. I assume you’ll tell once I download the app but I won’t because this is no nice way to go about it as a business.
@anna_0x Hey Anna! The price is on our front page under the header 'Simple Pricing'. It is $4.99/month for mobile devices and $9.99/month for all platforms (and 20% off if you purchase an annual subscription). Let me know if you have any other questions!
@confirmedvpn can you believe I scrolled through the whole site multiple times and didn't see it? I do now. My bad I guess but you may want to consider adding a couple pricing" link that scrolls directly to that section.
Hey @rahulda1 . When you mention that this is tremendously fast. How does this fare to more established services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN? Regarding speed and access to services such as Netflix and Prime?
worlds first OPENLY OPERATED (tm) VPN? Yes, because before this one, OPENLY OPERATED (tm) did not exist I don’t think. It truly scares me to think about the number of people downloading and using these “secure” VPNs. ANYONE can build a basic vpn with a $5 linode server. When it comes to my data, I see a lot of red flags here. Openly operated (tm) IS NOT the same as open source. is open source.
@architekco Hey Evan, thanks for your response! We mentioned the differences in the first comment and description of the offering. Openly Operated is a standard we created that demands your code be completely open source in addition to several other privacy-focused requirements (more here: Open source is a great way to share technologies but does not show any implementation of a privacy policy. In our system, we *prove* that our code is the only code running and that we do not have any access to your personal data. Also, people can create their own basic VPN server, but they lose several advantages of a VPN including multiple regions and different IP addresses, and would have to do all security patching & server maintenance on their own. It may be the right solution for some, but definitely not most. Hope this clarifies the product and let me know if you have any questions!