Mobile Apps Development Accelerated

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Whoa! We've just released our fresh new website with plenty of new updates and new highlights of features. Visit - we'd love to hear from you! Take a look at this video to see what we just made with Configure.IT - something that sounds astonishing with traditional way of development, was done in a matter of few weeks!
The apps you see in the video can also be seen running on your device - head to to learn more about our PreviewIT App that has plenty of other demo apps as well. Download for FREE IOS : Android : JP
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Launching Gears App for iOS and Android. The app serves as a complete Mobile UI Reference Guide, to demonstrate how you can implement different UI controls. When you sign up - the entire app is also available as sample project for free in your account! You can now see what you need to do to replicate the different UI behavior in your app as you see in the sample within Gears App! Download for FREE! For iOS - For Android - Don't forget to leave your review!
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The application design aspect of Configure.IT online tools, makes app building extremely easy, effortless and quick. Quickly create mobile apps to cater regular business requirements by choosing from a vast library of themes and resources provided to meet your mobile design and development needs. The design and development platform provides a working environment that lets you create native apps through fully configurable settings, no coding required at all. To learn how to use at maximum, everything is listed at If you need any further assistance then support team will be happier by guiding you through email or live chat.
Cross platform mobile app development is the future of App Development Industry. And Configure.IT comes with a revolution at this time. People who are using this platform, they know why it is far better then other platforms. And for those who are new to this platform, here are the key points which differentiate if from other contemporary platforms: => A complete development platform. It is not like this is here, but that is not. Develop fully dynamic mobile apps without coding a single line. => Native mobile app development in iOS and Android. It provides source code in respective native programming languages. => Visual mobile app API builder, no coding required. => Advanced relational database (RDBMS) design and development, no coding required. => Mobile app design editor with feature of direct import of .psd file to the app screen. The configurator converts .psd file into the app screen design. => Real-time mobile app preview on real devices, changes made to the app visible on the splash of the screen only. Market ready apps. => No Lock-in, 100% source code download. => No dependency on the platform, native source code can be extended at the will. => Re-usability of the code, code can be re-used by any developer. It takes no time to a different developer to understand the code and re-use it. => Easy to learn the use of the platform. => With free or basic account every aspect of the platform can be checked and the app can be deployed on app store/ play store. => 100% cloud-based platform. => Browser-driven development, apps can be developed by using online browser. No dependency on MAC, Xcode or any IDE. To know a list of other features visit,