Confidential CC

Send self-destructing email without leaving a trace



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Jenna M.
Jenna M.Hunter@zhenkaa · Confidential CC
Confidential CC was born when the co-founders both realized they had a common need – to send an email without a trace. A short time later they set out for this goal. After working hard to confirm the technology, legal and execution were possible, the Confidential CC team took their idea to the next level by striving to provide not only confidential email, but an updated, smart and attractive user interface across all systems, catered to our users’ daily lives.
Mark M. Whelan
Mark M. Whelan@mark_m_whelan · Founder, Fellow and Executive Coach
@zhenkaa available in the united states?
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Looks amazing aesthetically!
Jenna M.
Jenna M.Hunter@zhenkaa · Confidential CC
@orliesaurus Thank you! The user experience is sleek, sophisticated and truly one-of-a-kind.
Looks like something certain people running for public office should've used on their home mail server...
Jenna M.
Jenna M.Hunter@zhenkaa · Confidential CC
@fbara good point! Confidential CC is certainly a great platform for off-the-record email correspondence, but offers other revolutionary features to help optimize efficiency and productivity while decluttering your inbox!
Jack Smith
Jack SmithPro@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
it's disappointing that there isn't an FAQ or something. @zhenkaa could you explain the technicalities about how it works? it's super unclear. Does the recipient have to have the app to view the emails?