Confident Communicator

Public speaking course for techies.

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Also @kecatlin and I will be doing be doing a sneak peek today w/@techspeakdigest's @catehstn & @chiuki
We'll open this course up for registration next week: April 20th-24th.
Looks great. I am looking forward to the webinar today and learning more.
@robertwilliger Wonderful! Do you currently speak in public?
@poornima Not currently, but it is something I would like to get into more
@robertwilliger Where do you want to speak: internally or at conferences? And what would you like to speak about?
@sethsandler hiya! got a question?
Would likely help if the page had videos of the instructors past speaking events and more tangible examples of why the course is awesome
@angeladopter Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback! There is a link in the to past speaking events on the page, but maybe it's too buried? Here you are: I just updated the page with more examples. What type of results are you looking for specifically?
@poornima Just thought video would be the perfect medium to showcase the course. Whether its clips of the instructors teaching, students improving, or examples of why public speaking can make a huge visible difference.
@angeladopter yup that makes sense. I'll embed a few shortly.