Confide 3.0

Send confidential, screenshot-proof messages, docs & photos

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I'm a fan. Yes, Confide is another ephemeral mobile messenger but it's designed for more "serious" business use cases. I know many reporters, lawyers, and investors that use it and there was a time where I used it frequently. The screenshot-proof docs and photos feature is a nice addition. I'm curious if they'll extend Confide to the web or a native desktop app. Sometimes I want to type more and faster in this context and in the case of document/photo-sharing, these files are often stored on my computer, not my phone. Want to jump in, @jbrod?
Thanks, @rrhoover. Yes, desktop is in the works - we get this request a lot. But this is a big release for us and includes the ability to attach from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and other popular document storage apps. It also includes our Share functionality. All of this gets us closer to the vision of weaving Confide into all relevant professional communication platforms. We're grinding...
@jbrod interesting niche, but I imagine the more serious uses require more serious levels of protection eg can you explain how the screenshot proofing works?
@jbrod @dannyjespinoza also curious. I see you alert the user when a screenshot is taken, which I assume means it's possible to take one. Couldn't someone just screenshot every revealed word and compile into a complete message? I guess it's all for naught since someone could capture with a physical camera, too, but still curious.
@dannyjespinoza @clarklab Thanks, guys. The way the reading experience works is you "wand" over the message content with your finger unveiling just a sliver at a time. If you attempt a screenshot, you only capture that sliver. We then kick you out of the message so that you can't repeat this and compile more of the message. Further, we alert both the sender and receiver that a screenshot was attempted. We actually completely prevent screenshots on Android so this is just an iOS issue. Hope this helps..
@dannyjespinoza @clarklab @jbrod it's still completely vulnerable to someone just taking a photo or video of it though. There's no way to defend against image capture, and it's kind of dangerous to claim it. Also rooted phones can still take screenshots.
@dannyjespinoza @clarklab @jbrod @msfeldstein There's also nothing to stop someone writing the message down. That said if Confide uses appropriate OTR, it should offer deniability, as stated in .
Very nice, great update