Confidant 2.0

Baron Fig's notebook for ideas, now in three sizes ๐Ÿ“š

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Co-Founder Adam here. We launched Baron Fig exactly 3 years ago looking to make the notebook we really wanted. So far I feel incredibly fortunate that both our customers and the Product Hunt community have supported us on our mission. Today we're releasing the Confidant notebook in two new sizes, Pocket and Plus. We love hearing feedback from our users and a common theme was the option of additional sizes in our hardcover notebook. After extensive prototyping and testing, we feel the sizes are just right. Hope everyone enjoys and especially those in the northeast enjoy their snow day!
@adamkornfield Hey all, jumping in here on Adam's comment. The Product Hunt community has been ridiculously supportive over the last three years, thank you for that. I regularly get emails from you guys saying that your products were build from the ground up starting in a Confidant, which is such a fantastic thing to hear. That's exactly what we were hoping for when we started Baron Fig. Thanks again for the support. You're all doing great things, major props to everyone.
Love every product that Baron Fig launches! Big fan of my confidant, and excited to get the pocket size into my notebook rotation soon!
@gregmschwartz Thanks Greg! Love seeing Stork out with new gray undershirts today. Almost matches our books perfectly!
Sweeeet, I can't wait to get one of those pocket-size Confidants!
@hgllnt Glad to finally get them released! Congrats btw on all the news out of Mimo!
@hgllnt Henry! It's a pretty sweet little notebook. You're going to dig it. :)
YES! Just yesterday was taking notes (as always) in my Vanguard Plus and wanted to buy Confident Plus soooo bad! :D
@oskar_cieslik Love it! Talk about incredible timing :) I've been using a prototype for a few months and its so much better for me. So much space on the page
Great product, excellent service.
@mikeway3 Thanks Mike! We try our best to make nice things. Glad you enjoyed everything. What iOS apps do you make? I did our first major app Codex a few months back. Been busy with lots of updates
@mikeway3 Mike, thanks!