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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 02, 2020
Confetti is a simple, colorful habit tracker that tracks your daily/weekly commitments and launches confetti every time you complete a task to celebrate your daily accomplishments.
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If anyone's interested in hearing about how Danny and I came to work together on Confetti, as well as my advice on how to meet a co-founder on the Internet, I shared my story and advice here:
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Hey Makers! 🚀 I created Confetti with my co-founder Wilson that I met on r/SideProject in May of 2019. Confetti is a fun and colorful platform for building positive habits or avoiding negative ones. I’ve been tracking my habits with pen and paper for years, so I decided that my self-improvement tracking needed an upgrade. I built Confetti so I can track my progress, similar to how I would track the growth of a business. Tracking my habits has become a ritual that has changed my life for the better. By making simple habit changes every day, I’ve become more self-disciplined, motivated, and productive version of myself. For this reason, I designed a platform that allows self-improvement junkies like myself to track their progress towards goals and build habits on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Because let’s face it, learning Japanese, becoming a juggler, learning to cook, or quitting smoking doesn’t happen without daily commitment. Since new year’s resolutions are ripe for concurring, we decided it was a good time to share our creation with all of you.
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Nice work! Love the micro-animation of confetti when a task is marked 'complete'! Nice touch that will help encourage users to complete a task that is akin to popping bubble wrap.
I really love this! Also if you guys could add a way to re-order habits on the main page, that would be wonderful :)
@sahil_kapur Thank you! That's a great idea, we'll try and add that to the next release :D
I am impressed by your story! That's incredible!