Anonymous confessions on the blockchain

ConfessionChain allows you to post an anonymous confession on the blockchain—for free. Write a confession and it will be entered into both the Factom and Bitcoin Blockchain, where it will stay forever. Vote on whether confessions are true, or a lie. Make comments, and share confessions to Twitter.

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Alistair Mcleay
Co-Founder & CEO @ CryptFolio
Hey PH, Thanks for checking out ConfessionChain! We built this to showcase the power of the blockchain, using Factom and Bitcoin. We cannot wait to see how it gets used. Factom is a decentralised network that allows you to enter data cheaply and at scale—with a huge range of exciting applications. You can learn more about it at We'd love to hear any and all feedback, and will be hanging out here ready to answer any questions you have :)
EmmaProduct Manager @ Plytix
I think more things should have "truth" and "lie" reactions XD
Del Williams
Founder, Thinking Anew Media
This NEVER works. It usually is used to bully or sex confessions or delusions.