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Nice website tool for events by @FerroGate and the rest of the Conferize team. Why did you build this, @FerroGate?
@kjemperud Because we heard from 100s of event organizers they wanted a simpler (event-specific), more social and more dynamic solution that what was available in the market. Since it's mostly self-serve we're able to offer it at a pretty disruptive price too (free for free-to-attend meetups and free up to 100 people for any other event).
@ferrogate Sounds like it can be useful of a lot of small event organizers. In what ways are Conferize Organizer different/better than what is already available? What's the killer feature?
Thomas, it's also being used by major events such as LeWeb, Websummit and many more. Conferize specializes in capturing as much as the value generated from events–the community, social networking, content sharing etc.–and bring that to a much larger audience. The new thing is that the event page now runs on a custom domain and has been upgraded to replace the conventional (non-social, static) website that doesn't really bring any ongoing value for delegates, followers, speakers, sponsors. It's a killer because it's the only social event website out there, it's also one of the only (good) website solutions specifically made for events, AND it saves a lot of money for the organizer. I just posted this blog post with more info
This is a welcome add-on. I have refer to Conferize and Lanyrd for events' tracking and this option for 'Organizers' is of great help! Cheers!!