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#5 Product of the DayAugust 27, 2014

Conferize is the best way to gather your tribe and share interests. Create your event website, sell tickets & build your social community – all in one place.

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Thanks for anyone caring to vote for us. It's been an insane amount of work, but I really think we're can help "fix" professional events online. Feel free to ask any questions about Conferize.
I was just about to hunt this as well. @FerroGate (formerly co-founder of Issuu), have done a great job on this. They just launched their first major redesign today. I find it is useful for both finding conferences to attend, speak at, as well as follow live.
@kjemperud Thanks Thomas, you are too kind :)
This is such a great idea. Kudos @ferrogate! The bit about finding conferences to potentially speak at is huge
@AnujAdhiya Thanks a bunch Anuj! And I agree :)
@ferrogate May I contact you about a very specific question that's off topic with what's happening on PH?
@AnujAdhiya Sure thing, email at Martin @ (our domain)
This is great! For the longest time I've wanted to follow event organizers on Eventbrite, but unfortunately that feature isn't available.
@inaherlihy Thanks, Ina! Conferize makes it possible to follow pretty much anyone in the events space - over 4 millions people and counting. And about 15,000 events too :)
@inaherlihy I'm following my twitter connections, a lot of great speakers, from designers and devs to marketers and founders. The content I get is really awesome, reminds me of an early not-so-crowded slideshare
I used its original interface to track events in 2012-2013 but this new experience is refreshing. Conferize and Lanyrd are two such services I always follow. Great work!
@vingar Thanks Vinish! So happy you've been with us for a while and also recognise the progress :)