An easier way to find creative and tech conferences.

conferCal provides an easier way for people in tech (everyone from designers to developers to marketers and entrepreneurs), to find conferences.

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Great idea. How do you decide which conferences to add? While a good conference can be a huge ROI personally or for your company, there's also plenty of them that are "meh" and probably not worth burning work days to attend. What are your thoughts on providing some sort of rating metric in the future to help sift through the options? Or do you personally try to curate conferences that have a good reputation?
@nneuman Great question! I do think it would be useful to have a rating metric in the future so people can get a sense of the better conferences based on their needs (vs me personally curating since it would be very subjective at that point). Definitely something I'm hoping to add. And until then, we plan to do monthly lists curated by different people to help with that.
Hey everyone! I just launched conferCal, a tool that makes it easier to find creative and tech conferences to attend, speak, sponsor or exhibit. WHY: The idea for conferCal came about because I was just too lazy to scour every list on the internet for conferences related to design, code or entrepreneurship. It was also annoying to find cool conferences and then 3 clicks later, figure out that it was too expensive, from a location or price standpoint, to attend. PLAN: My first goal with conferCal is to become a single resource, for those mainly in tech (from designers to developers to marketers to entrepreneurs) to find conferences. Eventually, if the demand is there, it would be awesome to expand to other creative fields. But I’m taking it one step at a time. Let me know what you think! 🙈 PS. I’ll be adding more conferences throughout the week but shoot me an email if you want to suggest one. Thanks in advance! :) ~ Kim
This has some similarities to @loic's but more focused on the consumer discovery opportunity with conferences. Nice idea, @kimmikye. How are you sourcing conferences to add?
@rrhoover thank you! Currently I have someone helping me to manually aggregate lists found online and doing research across the main topics.
Great job!! Super useful !! 😊
Hey. This is useful. Since all the conferences we plan to attend are usually scheduled a couple of weeks in the future. Is there a feature you plan to have where I could add the Conf to my calendar? That would be super useful.
@karthik_manjunath It's something I've thought about so it's good to hear someone else suggest it!