A delightful and easy to use color picker for the real world

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@nagarajendra thanks for hunting! Hi everyone, I am very happy to introduce Cone — a real world color picker. Being a colorblind designer, it was often difficult for me to figure out "which color is that?" and hence I decided to build this app. Cone lets you pick colors in real time using the phone's camera. It lets you build color palettes while on the run, capturing and recording color for later comment/discussion, sending the colors to someone else quickly and efficiently, and of course translating a physical objects color to a usable set of information without having to get expensive colorimetric equipment etc. Really excited to hear feedback from you all :)
Great idea -- I'm always on the lookout for new color schemes for personal projects. I can see this being very handy when I've found that special and unique shade that I'd rather not just take random, uncomfortable photos of. Lovely app; feels very stable. UX is very intuitive and I love the different shades that are shown when you save a color to the palette. 👍🏼
Will this do PANTONE colors? If it did, every single interior designer in the world would snatch this up in a heartbeat.
@grberk it's in the roadmap! :) Edit: DONE!
Adobe used to have an app for this called Color which synced with the app, but it has since been pulled from the store. The app was awesome and had a similar UX to this one per the video. If this had the same sync capability to a Sketch palette or Adobe palette, it would probably be a boon to illustrators/artists/designers.