Meet Conduit: a data-driven AI chief of staff to help you understand your relationships and gain insight into how to grow them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Conduit syncs email, contacts, and calendar from Google, Outlook, and LinkedIn. Our system analyzes and creates a model just for you, surfacing key insights and timely suggestions. It's what CRM always wanted to be.

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UPDATE: Today, use code "PRODUCTHUNT" to get early access. The first 500 people already got instant access, so we have to queue everyone else-- but if you tweet/share/message with your use case, we can help skip the queue and get on board right away! ---- Thanks for the hunt! Networking and relationship management are harder than they need to be. Existing tools are all based off of the CRM/spreadsheet concept, which can burdensome to maintain. But getting access to that insight-- without the associated effort-- would be incredible. Conduit is that solution. We joke that Conduit is an "anti CRM" but it's not too far from the truth. We focus on two things-- helping you understand your relationships, from key events to what's coming up, and helping make smart suggestions via data insight. A couple of thoughts-- - The Conduit dashboard doesn't look like a spreadsheet. Instead, we present cards by priority of helpfulness. From recent coffee chats that deserve a review, to upcoming meeting prep, we want this process to be effortless. (The dashboard experience is available via weekly digest email too.) - When other products focus too hard on sales and pipeline, they don't work for relationship growth. Our consolidated timeline brings together email, calendar, and social (LinkedIn for now) and GitHub-like graph lets you see more at a glance. - We care about privacy a lot. Our whole onboarding flow is built around it, with an innovative flow that asks what you want *first* before asking for permission to sync from Google or Outlook. We signpost what we need and why. And we use best practices for data security and more. Sign up for our waiting list or, if you have a code, create an account now! Tweet me @bradr -- we're here :) -Brandon
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@bradr @bwg Used the code PRODUCTHUNT, and it told me I'm on the list. Is there some way to get access today?
@bradr @bwg I'm in the same boat (queue) as @wimbet . Let me in!!!! LOL.
@bradr @bwg @wimbet Same. I think that a lot of people used the code and they disabled it (or move to the list on top positions?)
We're temporarily queuing people using the PRODUCTHUNT code just to keep our sync servers from overloading. If you share/tweet/comment with your use case and how you plan to use Conduit, we can bump you to instant access! (Also message us in-app to make sure we see it!)
Been playing around with this for an hour. It's sliiiiiiick. The "dream" Personal CRM is like the dream restaurant of every VC, founder, and professional in tech: easy to imagine, hard to find. Airtable, Excel, Google Sheets, HubSpot - all work but require effort to set up and optimize for your own workflows. I think I might have found my favorite, automated restaurant ๐Ÿค—
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Looks incredible! What's the plan for roll out and pricing? Would love early access ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ
@campbellcapital Thanks for the support! We're rolling out our pilot as fast as we can! Check back later in the day ;)
Agreed with @campbellcapital. Conduit looks amazing. @bwg would love an invite if possible.
Iโ€™m 100% game for this... Airtable, Hubspot, etc. had fallen flat for me in the past! Requested an invite ๐Ÿ˜‰

I went to coffee last week with a friend I hadn't seen for about six weeks and I realized, I have no idea what we talked about. I had the jist, but not the details.

Conduit is the best way to keep track of communications and interactions with friends and colleagues. It helps me make notes about my meal and get-togethers.

I use it for reference before I reconnect with a friend.

Additionally, it has a great system for reminders. I like to keep consistency in my interactions and it'll pop people up on my radar at my preset cadence.

There are some growing pains. It's still a small shop (though I expect that won't last too long). It'd be great to have more information sucked into conduit - specifically call logs, text logs and facebook messages.

A huge bonus would be birthdays from facebook.


Customizable, focused, helps remind me who to follow up with and when


It doesn't pull in your friends or messages from Facebook or logs from your calls or texts