Conduct THIS!

A game of explosive railway action

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1 Review5.0/5
Here goes my Friday... πŸ‘πŸ»
@dubstrike I can hear the swearing from here.
Hey Sweet people of Product Hunt! We love trains and we love fast paced fun and addictive gameplay. Conduct THIS! merges those two in a very designed experience. Everything from the pretty low-poly world, the jazzy soundtrack and the increasingly challenging level design just takes you straight back to being a kid, playing with train sets again. The game is free to download so it should be easy and quick for everyone to give it a spin. The entire team is here so ask any questions you like! πŸ‘‹
Just downloaded and played for a few minutes. Really well done. Congrats Michael and team! Gonna show this to my kids later today. πŸ‘
@mds Thanks Matt! Do let us know what they think πŸ‘ Kids are the best reviewers.
Great visual universe you guys have created. Nice gameplay! I can't wait to show it too my kids :D
@lajlev Thanks Michael! Really means a lot to us.