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Sarah Calvillo
Founder of Concourse
Hi Product Hunters, This is Sarah from Concourse. Today, we're incredibly excited to announce our new platform, Concourse -the first one-stop shop and lifestyle brand in the U.S. to book studio time for all types of creative projects. Concourse is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that makes it faster and easier to jump in and out of creative spaces for artists, photographers, dancers, makers, and sound artists. The platform is open for anyone anywhere to use. Concourse has begun building its roots in the Bay Area. It’s completely free to list your space and easy to use. If you like our initiative or have feedback, let us know in the comments. For our Product Hunter Friends, we're offering 75% off Pro Memberships ( Simply enter PH75 in the checkout. Code applies to Annual and Monthly membership plans and ends Feb. 28th, 2017. Cheers, Sarah Calvillo Founder, Concourse