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Matt LhoumeauMakerHiring@mattlhoumeau · Founder & CEO, Concord
Hello Product Lovers, I'm Matt, the CEO of Concord – we’re the free and unlimited e-signature and contract success platform - and we are excited to share with you that we just released the 2.0 version of our API! Create, edit and send documents for signature directly from your app to get your documents signed within minutes. Use our API for many more other use cases: send thousands of documents at a time, push new versions, sync in documents back in your applications, track their status, etc. We hope you will like it! @Florian, my cofounder and CTO, and I will be happy to answer any question and help you getting started.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@mattlhoumeau @floparain Hey guys! E-signatures is becoming bigger and bigger. What are some of the issues you have come across? Are there any common themes you see the API being used with? What are the updates to the API?
Matt LhoumeauMakerHiring@mattlhoumeau · Founder & CEO, Concord
@bentossell We completely agree, e-signature is revolutionizing the landscape of documents getting signed. There is some competition of course. However we are the only platform in the world to provide unlimited and free e-signature and contract management. 20 years ago, signing a paper contract was free, we decided there’s no reason to ask users to pay for it now that it’s electronic. The API will be used mostly to build effective integrations to generate and send documents for negotiation and signature from any business application. In brief, to get any document get signed within minutes, without ever leaving your application. :-) To answer your last question, the API 2.0 is now fully REST and more complete. Our amazing tech team did a great job on it and we are super excited about its release!
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@mattlhoumeau in what sense is it 'more complete'? There are obviously still some industries that haven't yet adopted e-signatures, and that rely on signatures daily (legal industry) - when and how do you think that will be disrupted? Mass-adoption that they just can't possibly ignore or something else?
Matt LhoumeauMakerHiring@mattlhoumeau · Founder & CEO, Concord
@bentossell @mattlhoumeau The API has been extended to more of the Concord features such as pushing new versions of a document, tracking back the document's status into your application, generating and sharing thousands of documents in one click, and more. Everything is in our API documentation. :-) Yes, you are entirely right! The contract management space is actually one of the last business processes that have not been automated yet. The Enterprise market and, as you mention, the Legal Industry is actually getting there. We see the e-signature to be more and more in the top rank of the Legal Tech topics. E-signing is becoming the everyday language. We actually see many big corporations, as well as individuals and startups, using Concord whether for their Legal, Procurement, Sales, and HR departments, and others. I'd say it is happening now, and that is why it is exciting.
Khuram Malik@khurammalik · The Strategist
Oooo. I like it. I've honestly felt there hasnt been enough innovation in this space so its nice to see the emphasis on API support. Would be nice to see features that make it easy for non-tech types to work with the API features eg through Zapier, Cloudpipes etc. I really feel thats where the real opportunities for adoption are. The more people can take advantage of the app without having to employ a developer, the more readily they will jump on the bandwagon.
Matt LhoumeauMakerHiring@mattlhoumeau · Founder & CEO, Concord
@khurammalik Thank you for your enthusiasm! We agree that the landscape needs to advance and that is why we are changing the way people manage their contracts – developers and non-developers alike. And that is why we also built out of the box integrations allowing our users to easily connect their Concord account to other frequently used applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. On the other hand, our API allows those users that have more robust requirements to customize their platform as needed.