Create secure, digitally signed micro agreements

Concord is a Blockstack app that lets you create secure digitally signed micro agreements with a counter party. To use Concord, you will be prompted to create a Blockstack ID if you do not already have one.
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Hi Everyone, we present Concord - a mobile app for quickly recording micro-agreements with a counter party.   As a part of our everyday dealings, we often feel the need to get some sort of confirmation on various tiny agreements we make with people. A lot of these may not seem important enough to warrant a full blown legal agreement, nevertheless we feel the need to keep a track of them.    Concord fills this niche and allows you to quickly pen down the content of your agreement and specify a counter-party who needs to sign it.   To create an agreement, you simply selects a counter party from a list of existing contacts, and write the text of the agreement before it is sent to the counter party. The counter party is then notified of the new agreement. Once they sign it you will get notified that your agreement has been signed.  This app is built using Blockstack , and needs a user to log in using their Blockstack ID to access the app. A user is prompted to add Blockstack users as contacts before creating agreements with them. Agreements and contacts are backed up the Blockstack's Gaia storage, and can hence stay with you even if you switch to a new device.
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