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Every startup and big companies need this. And they made it free! The main difference between Concord and Docusign is that Concord lets us edit the contracts online like Google Docs, and then can also automatically send deadlines alerts. The platform’s look and feel is great, we got how to use it in a sec. Maybe some strategic integrations could be interesting to build in the future. Any insights from the founding team? (poke @mattlhoumeau @floparain)
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@edouardpetit Thank you Edouard for the Hunt! I agree with you with the integrations. - We are currently finishing our Salesforce integration, it will be release soon. It will let legal departments update their templates without changing anything on Salesforce. Totally transparent for the Sales team. - Other integrations will follow: Google Drive, Dropbox, HR & Procurement platforms, etc.
THIS! THIS! THIS! I have been waiting for somebody to do this for several years now. What an opportunity! This is my #1 product hunt favorite of all time. For years at a variety of entities I have been paying docusign, hellosign, echosign, and others these absolutely ridiculous subscription fees for a service that we rarely use. I always wondered why nobody just offered a free level that included some number of documents per month forever and then benefited from the virtually guaranteed bottoms up corporate marketing that would happen from internal users pushing it up on corporate like Dropbox did. Totally excited to use this and really hope that you all succeed. Congrats!
@arlogilbert Thank you so much Arlo. I had the same frustration for years! You're right about our model: we have a lot of end-users starting using Concord for free, then inviting their colleagues. And after a while, their management contacts us to learn more about the advanced features. In short, exactly what Slack did :-)
@arlogilbert @mattlhoumeau I'm assuming that's not the case anymore. Pricing now starts from $100/user/month. Quite an increase from $0!
@arlogilbert @mattlhoumeau @anna_0x Hi Anna - This is Allison, from Concord. Concord offers a Starter plan, which includes 3 free seats, and all of our paid subscriptions include unlimited viewer seats. If you're interested in learning more, please send me a message and I'll connect you with someone on our team.
@arlogilbert @mattlhoumeau @allison_rona I see! That's good to know. No need for a team member to contact me, could you just send me a link? I didn't see any mention of a free plan in the pricing page is all, so it must be kind of hidden.
Hello Product Hunters, Thanks for checking us out ! Twenty years ago, signing a paper contract was free. There’s no reason to ask users to pay for it now that it’s electronic. It may sound crazy but we're making it happen. :-) We built this for two reasons: 1/ I wanted to make sure no one would ever experience what I went through a few years ago. Working at a large company, I was given the mission to renegotiate 500 old contracts. It sounded great at first, then I ended up stuck in a basement, arm-deep in a file cabinet, searching for papers for a month. Then I spent 5 months renegotiating the contracts, sending hundreds of Word documents back and forth... I was miserable at the time. 2/ Contracts are everywhere, but 96% of companies still manage contracts manually. People create multiple versions, don't know who modified what, print contracts 10 times, sign and scan hundreds of pages, and then store them in file cabinets at best, only to later miss critical deadlines. We are on a mission to change how the world creates and manages contracts. We built the most seamless, complete e-signature and contract management platform ever created – and make it available for free. :-) I am here to answer any question and help you getting started. Hope you will like it!
@mattlhoumeau And i'm happy to announce that we have a special offer for Product Hunters: 3 months free for an unlimited number of users, of our Standard plan (advanced features: automated templates, advanced export, etc.). Code : PHRoxx1015
Pffiou. How neat is that? What other verticals are you thinking of? I'm sure there's more than just the world of contracts that could use a little more 'concord' :)
@virtualgoodz I agree, there is a lot of other verticals that would need more concord! ;-) That being said, we really want to focus on contracts. We are working on a lot of cool features, to help companies optimize their contracts processes. I mean everyone spend thousands of dollars in CRM to accelerate their deal flow. Then they loose weeks in contract negotiation and signature... Legal is the last "software Eldorado". There is a lot of things to do in this market.
@mattlhoumeau awesome! I'm definitely checking this out. Wish I knew about it sooner! 😂. Congratulations!
@geeky_yang Thanks Phillip! I would love to hear your feedback.