Spotify for live music

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Ambitious team that is super passionate about music. The service has a smart twist to concert ticket sales. sourced videos of band concerts from Youtube and organised it in a nice UI. "Try before you buy" model applied to music concerts.
Hi, I am Vit - co-founder, I am happy to answer questions and take feedback. We've made a hybrid service for delivering concert emotions instead of doing yet another event announcement website. You could search among any famous band in the world and feel the vibe of a live music. While you are watching it we'll try to suggest you tickets for the nearest show. Enjoy, watch 'em all :)
@myshlaev Love the concept, but the tickets-suggestion thing needs a serious check. I was offered to buy tickets through a company that is known for its fraudulous ticketing.
@t55 Thank you! Could you share the link and company name with me?
@myshlaev Yup. Was checking out Frazey Ford who has an upcoming concert in a town called Groningen in the Netherlands. Could buy tickets through Ticket Tribune: That's a fraudulent company. The official tickets are not on sale yet, as the official ticket seller TicketMaster states:
@t55 thank you we'll investigate it! Hope you'll love our service
@myshlaev Like what I see and hear so far. Hope the artist-graphics are updated to higher resolutions. Anxious to see what you come up with in future updates of the platform...
Really cool product/idea. Are you planning on integrating with Rdio by any chance?
@mattaussaguel thank you for your feedback. We support importing from Rdio ( or what type of integration you wish?