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@dgurns I have some feedback for you 1. "Invite a musician to CW" button would be nice. When i click this button, i will type the musician i wish to make a concert here and their twitter address. Then, the musician will be notified the demand and this platform. 2. "pay what you want" is a cool feature, but you should also direct people to pay more. My recommendation is to add "average users pay $12 for this concert" at the payment page. 3. Do you plan sponsorship programme (product placement etc) . It may drive a revenue stream.
Concert Window is an online music venue and recent Techstars NYC alum. Each month Concert Window hosts over 350 shows and music festivals. Musicians can play a show from anywhere using their laptop. Fans tune in, pay what they want, buy merch and chat with each other during the show.
@alexiskold I'm going to watch a show today and since you can't watch previous shows, I'm interested in your thoughts around the production quality. There have been amazing tech (ie switchcam) that tried to combine UGC videos of live performances and several other direct competitors to concert window. All have really struggled because the production quality is low IMO.
Hey @wesperience, the quality is pretty good. On my laptop and mobile its great, I've not streamed it to TV yet though. I am sure @dgurns can weigh in.
Hey guys thanks for featuring CW! Like Alex said, the quality is generally good. It depends on what equipment the broadcaster is using, of course, but we can run 1080p streams if that's what a musicians sends us. Just like HD is now the norm on YouTube, quality will only improve over time as tech gets better, cheaper, and more widespread.