Concepts for iPhone

Powerful vector sketching on-the-go.

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Hi Product Hunt! After 1M downloads on our iPad version, we’re excited to announce Concepts for iPhone! It’s a universal app, so you can enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil. Concepts’ superpower is its ability to develop rough sketches through to refined drawings that can be exported to popular formats like SVG and DXF (CAD). It has become a favorite app for designers at Nike, Philips, Citrix, major film studios, and among many incredible makers, artisans, architects and illustrators — anyone for whom precision and flexibility really matters. With the iPhone version, Concepts becomes even more portable and perfect for drawing on photos, exporting to Illustrator and Inkscape (among others), and with our new Drawing Share option, you can instantly send fully-editable drawings to anyone with a tap. Please give it a try (it’s free with a tiny in-app purchase) and let us know what you think! Ben + Team / TopHatch
So fresh and clean. Truly magestic UX! Now I just wish my creative drawing talent was better... Great job Concepts team! 👊💪
Awesome! ;)
i love this app!!! glad to see apps like this in producthunt . upvote!
This is a fantastic product!