A smarter sketching, design and visual thinking app for iPad

Zoe Olson
  • Zoe Olson
    Zoe OlsonStudent

    Infinite canvas is amazing to have on the iPad.


    Choosing colors is more confusing than it needs to be.

    This is a unique sketching experience with some great features. Really glad to have such a powerful concept app on the iPad.

    Zoe Olson has used this product for one year.
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Ben Merrill
Ben MerrillMaker@_benmerrill · Maker / Founder @ConceptsApp
Hi Everyone! We love making things, and existing design tools are hard to use and don't fit our lifestyle. Concepts for iPad beautifully combines the freedom of sketching with the precision of CAD. The interface stays out of your way, and the powerful export options (SVG, DXF, PSD) make it easy to go from hand sketch to functional prototype without a desktop or expensive software. People have used Concepts to design hospitals and houses, UI mockups and art exhibitions, industrial lighting and quadcopter parts, retail stores, and tons more. Have you ever tried to design something? Tell us about it!
Maxime Leblanc
Maxime Leblanc@maxime_leblanc · Co-Founder,
@_benmerrill Such a beautiful UI and the color picker is gorgeous! I can see this being very useful for Architecture sketches.
Ben Merrill
Ben MerrillMaker@_benmerrill · Maker / Founder @ConceptsApp
@maxime_leblanc @_benmerrill Thanks very much! It certainly is useful; Architects and Draftsmen are among our strongest users, with features like Snap, Scale and Precision Shapes. It's quite easy to get lost in your work -- a must for any creative professional. Cheers!
Ben Merrill
Ben MerrillMaker@_benmerrill · Maker / Founder @ConceptsApp
Hey Hunters -- we've just launched our iPhone version! Check out and let us know what you think!
Chris Nyenhuis
Chris Nyenhuis@cnyenhuis · CEO , Eyes On Freight
One of the coolest products I've used/seen!