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Hi everyone, I’m the CEO at Concepter, consumer technology startup. We’ve just launched an anti-social network: Soul. This is a sensor and an app that tracks time people actually spend together offline. This product aims to make people think: how do they use the most valuable human resource - time, and if they actually spend enough time with people they care about. The project includes both a wearable sensor and a supporting app that gathers specific time analytics for weekly reports. In order to minimize the distractions in our lives and motivate to spend more time in ‘reality’ the sensor has no screen and sends no notifications. To keep a certain level of privacy, the data can be collected and seen only in mutual friendship mode. The Soulmates screen allows to level up your friendship: the more time you spend - the higher level you achieve :) Why should anyone track time? You'll find that answer on our IndieGoGo page! BTW, we would like to share our limited secret offer with a Product Hunt community. Use this link to see the special Buy-One-Get-One-Free price: https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... And shhh! Don’t tell anyone about that link!