ConceptDraw MindMap

Easy tool for mind mapping and data structuring (Mac/ PC)

ConceptDraw MindMap helps you sort your thought out as beatiful mindmap, roadmap, project or outline. Try it for free now.

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Erick Barron@erickbarron86 · Webmaster
Nice but too expensive
Marie CoopMaker@marie_coop · mind thinker
@erickbarron86 Hi there, we offer good Academic/ Non-Profit/ Government prices
Kanglando@kangland · hi
Nice but too expensive , and It can't transfer to Tree model.
Marie CoopMaker@marie_coop · mind thinker
@kangland Thank you for checking the app. There are many themes and customization in ConceptDraw MindMap, so you can do a Tree model
Kanglando@kangland · hi
@marie_coop It's not Tree model. I mean that is I don't know if you understand the Chinese.
Marie CoopMaker@marie_coop · mind thinker
@kangland Oh, I gotcha. Yes, there is a Tree arrangement
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
ditto on price - too many compelling alternatives at 50 or below, so i need some explanation for this hefty premium
Marie CoopMaker@marie_coop · mind thinker
@passingnotes Thanx for your interest. Our licenses are perpetual, so this is a one-off payment. Also can use it on several of your computers. Our licenses are assigned to the account using a cloud based model, so it is completely possible to have a copy of our software on both your Mac or Windows platforms, or one on your desktop and on your laptop etc. Integrated with Evernote, Skype, Twitter, PowerPoint, etc. Ability to place topic in personal order. Works with native Mindjet’s, XMind, FreeMind formats, No charge pre- and post- sale technical support.
Marie CoopMaker@marie_coop · mind thinker
Thank you for hunting us @Diagrammer !
Sampath S@sampathspeaks · I blog at
Looks interesting. Those prices are per machine or can I install on multiple? How about the updates? Do I need to buy again when the new version is out?
Marie CoopMaker@marie_coop · mind thinker
Thanks for the feedback, @sampathspeaks the price is per user, but you may install the license on several of your machines. All the updates are free. Once we release new major upgrade, there is no need to buy, you may either stay up with your version or upgrade at half-price.