Visual collaboration platform for marketing and remote teams

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My name is Jason and I’m one of the fifteen people in the world that doesn’t use Chrome. I’m sorry that either a) Firefox is too hard to program for or b) Chrome is easier to program for.
Thank you @markbranly for hunting Conceptboard! Hi Product Hunters, My name is Daniel and I'm one of the founders and the product owner at Conceptboard. Conceptboard provides online whiteboards where teams can share their design drafts, visualize ideas, and elaborate on their concepts. We've tried to make it very easy to insert content into the boards. For example, you can drag images from the web, paste screenshots from your clipboard, or drag files from your computer. With this, you can quickly collect and cluster visual ideas and feedback - to create a mood board, a market research board, or a design feedback board with just a few clicks. In all cases the boards are real-time enabled, provide tools for graphical and textual annotation with simple task management and approval functions, as well as, moderation and video conferencing. All in all, I hope this tool supports your creative processes and helps your team to get their visual ideas developed and communicated. I'd love to hear what you all think about it! Thanks a lot, Daniel
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