Threaded discussions and real-time chat for your community!

#4 Product of the DayMarch 26, 2020
Comradery is an online community platform that provides both threaded discussions & real-time chat! Fully customizable (+ put it on your own domain!) and built for communities: member directory, moderation tools, full API, events support, and more 🤗
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Hi ProductHunt! 👋 Hope you're staying safe and healthy out there. Super excited to show you Comradery, a communication tool for communities! Today, community managers cobble together tools like Slack, Discord, and Facebook to create a virtual meeting place for members. These options don’t work well for large groups because they impose arbitrary limits, lack key community features, and feel either too noisy or disengaged. We built Comradery to give growing communities a home that engages users and looks and feels like it was made for them! Our central thesis is that communities work best with different levels of engagement. Members should be able to jump in for a quick chat, participate in longer discussions, and stay updated effortlessly. With lively real-time chat, threaded posts, and weekly email digests, Comradery keeps your members engaged - in whatever way they prefer. On top of that, Comradery is: ✨ Fully customizable and white-label: Put it on your own domain, upload your own logo, customize everything including being able to upload custom CSS. This is your community and it should feel like it! 👩‍💻 Engineer-friendly: We have a fully featured API that allows you to have read & write access to all of your data. You can even sync users from your database and automatically log them in for a seamless experience! 👥 Built for communities: Our goal is to become the platform to power all aspects of your community! We’ve built out a member directory with customizable member profiles so your community members can get to know each other, awesome moderation tools to make it easy for you to manage your community, and are in the process of building out Eventbrite and Meetup integrations for events support! AMA below or feel free to reach out to us at if you want to say hi or get access :) P.S. If you're looking to create a community around COVID relief efforts, please let us know - we'll prioritize onboarding you and make everything you need 100% free! Thanks, Rishab
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This looks so dope 🚀
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@thayallans Thanks man, really appreciate it :D
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Absolutely love Comradery! Been using it for my private mastermind group since Rishab rolled out v1 back in January. He's been extremely responsive to feedback, proactively asking me about my community, and quickly building features. Highly recommend :) Pros: UX, feature iteration, live chat, and customization. Cons: Ability to collect feedback from my community could be better and it would be nice to get some of the more robust moderation tools out ASAP (but I think he's working on it?)
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@camwiese 🙏Thanks for the kind words Cam - glad you're enjoying it!
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Beautifully designed product! 🎨Congrats on the official launch 🤩
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@shriyanevatia Thank you so much :)
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Congrats on the launch! I know you've been quietly hacking on this for a bit. :)
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@toddg777 Thanks Todd - yes, I have been! Super excited to finally see it launch :)
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