Computer Show

Tech talk show set in 1983, interviewing founders of 2015

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You’ve probably heard of Sandwich Video, and if you haven’t, then you’ve probably seen their work. But the big question: what would Sandwich make if Sandwich could make anything, and not because a client was paying them, but just for the fun of it? The answer is a new web series called “Computer Show”. “Computer Show” is a technology talk show, set in 1983. The dawn of the personal computing revolution. Awkward hair and awkward suits. Primitive synths and crude graphics. VHS tapes. No Internet. But there’s a twist. The guests on this show are tech luminaries—experts, founders, thinkers, entrepreneurs…from 2015. They are real, and they are really on “Computer Show” to talk about their thing. Will it go well? Can they break through to the host Gary Fabert (played by Rob Baedeker of the SF-based sketch mainstay Kasper Hauser) and his rotating cast of co-hosts, who know of neither iPhone nor website nor Twitter nor…hardly anything? Yes, they can. And it’s surprisingly delightful. We at Ludlow Ventures were beyond excited to partner with Sandwich in making this a reality, and we're eager to make more. The guest possibilities are endless, and we’ve got a whole lot of polyester just sitting around. Join us, won’t you? For…”Computer Show”.
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@jtriest @lonelysandwich I think you guys need some retro StickerMule stickers sort of like this: But for an old computer. :D
It's so great to see hard work and creativity come to life like this! Being on set was a blast :D
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This was so much fun to be a part of! Thanks @lonelysandwich. This is what it looked like from our side of the table:
Awesome. And yes there is an r/cornbread -
You've mixed two of my favorite things, @jtriest and @lonelysandwich: nostalgia and startups. Love the concept. Which guests are coming up on the show?
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! Open to guest suggestions for future episodes!
@jtriest I'd like to see: - @millsustwo - crazy and creative guy 😉, CEO of ustwo - @davemorin - super thoughtful product thinker and today's his birthday 🎉 - @daniellemorrill - the transparent and outspoken CEO of Mattermark
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@rrhoover @millsustwo is made for this show -- would amazingly epic!
@jtriest @rrhoover Jay Maynard aka Tron Guy.
@jtriest I would like to see @rrhoover, Andrew Ng (Coursera), @kayvz (Periscope)