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a lot of them come from Brown University and most of their files can only be accessed through a VPN =(
@gcwelborn yeah sorry. But there will be lot more great one without VPN to access
@gcwelborn just added couple of them from Caltech. Anyway thanks for the support :)
+1 for Learning!
This is dope...thanks
i love the site, how can a person get signed up ?
@modafalla Thanks for the support! At the moment user only get invitation. So there's no way to signup. But I think I just gonna disable that soon. I think it's better to open for everyone to contribute. But in the mean time can I have your email address. So I will get you an invite. Thanks!
@vangnol Totally understand, thanks for reaching out ! my email is : modafalla@gmail.com
@modafalla invited! thanks!
I wish I could sign up my email address is onangaro@hotmail.com if I could get an invite it would be awesome.
Just invited! Thanks!