Compress Studio

Serverless image compression with a private storage.

In today’s scenario, image compression on the web makes the user to upload the image and it gets compressed at server side. Through Compress.Studio it happens at your browser and not on server. Making this a serverless image compression tool.
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Good luck in your journey with this idea, but as I posted on the FB group where your friend is trying to promote this, would be helpful to get some more details. a. Save/ download button does not work on Safari. The image I had uploaded was 'processing' for 4 minutes, when I hit save, the images with the beautiful, bright, colourful parakeets got downloaded. b. .jpg, .jpeg and .png formats are only supported as of now. Are there plans to support other formats? c. Any comparison metrics with the 'base case' or available options ? Ease of use / faster, better compression ratios etc. would be helpful.
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@meamarvyas Thank you for taking time to share your feedback Amar. Appreciate it. I'll check on Safari, thank you letting know. I'm looking into building and supporting other formats down the line. Definitely, will articulate the comparison between existing tools in the website. Today, since this is serverless app and runs on Blockstack blockchain, I'm looking at keeping this free forever as the cost is very minimal.
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Simple and useful Dapp, I use this now for our project, to compress images... :D, great job @slamtrade and @samjoe5
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@slamtrade @psgganesh Thank you Shankar :)
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Hello Everyone! Compress.Studio allows you to compress the images on the browser easily. It allows you to easy resize of the image by changing the size values many times without redoing it again. All this in a most secure and privacy-focused way. It is free and will save you loads of time if you are doing image compression on web. If you login using Blockstack, all the compressed images are automatically stored in a secure encrypted storage. This enables you to own your compressed images on cloud and with easy access. It is private and no one else can see it. It can be also accessed from anywhere by logging in again. I would love to hear your feedback. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out!