A shopping list that helps you budget

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Whoa, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing my side project. For some backstory, I started working on Compra 2 years ago to experiment with AngularJS. Why a shopping list app? Because I found myself looking for one with a budgeting feature that allowed for a price range! Hooray for the broke college student experience. After a lot of coding progress, I ended up getting stuck on localStorage and decided to put it on hold. Two years later, I find out how easy localStorage is to work with (and PhoneGap build, too!), so here it is! Feedback is welcome, especially from anyone who knows how to make AdMob play friendly with AngularJS and PhoneGap Build. I might migrate this to something like Ember and do a few more tweaks that allow for editing items + currency settings. ❤
@cattsmall this will make my shopping less stressful, TY!