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Thanks Product Hunt, For the past couple of months I've been working on the Composr iOS app that hopefully helps musicians to easily collaborate on new songs and share new song ideas . I started with this app as a 'side project' but it got a bit out of hand eventually haha!
I love it, congrats! Have you though of allowing musicians to upload song files, mp3, wav instead of just recording via the mic?
@EnriqueDubois Thank you! We're working on this, we also would like to add DropBox support. The web versions already allows drag and drop uploads. Do you have any other ideas?
The Android version is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2015.
If anyone has questions or feedback, let me know. Love to hear your thoughts.
@nickengelsman I like that there is a community feature already! It's awesome to hear what people make using the app! Have you considered AudioBus support? That's a nice way to allow all sorts of inputs!
@e7mac Really nice to hear that :) AudioBus is on the top of our list!!! (I also would like to use it haha)
@e7mac Any other thoughts?
@nickengelsman Have you seen JAMR? - it has a similar goal but completely different UX, made by @jamr_labs
@nickengelsman there's no visual feedback when you click 'play' on a song - I'm sure it's on your list and I'd vote for a SoundCloud player-style UI cuz it's so cool!