Compositor is a new set of tools for designing and building user interfaces.

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Maybe this is the best app in the world, but not offering a trial, and having to signup for $8 before seeing anything except an animated gif is an arrogant/naive decision
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Really, really excited about what this team is doing. Design systems and processes are so disconnected from development systems and processes - Compositor has such a great opportunity to build a bridge, close the gap, and make us all more effective at shipping product.s
Tool is great but CARE with this it's 8$ PER MONTH with no possibility to stop subscription!
@twmatthieuh Until account management is rolled out you can cancel anytime by emailing
@twmatthieuh support was very responsive and understanding when I needed to cancel
They say a design system is only as good as how well it fits into your workflow, Compositor is that missing link for JS teams & what any design team > 1 person should be using to maintain product lines and an open exchange between design & developer.
Looks like a nice little app, but I must say the pricing model is a bit odd for this type of software.
@jarosinskik I like their pricing model because it’s sustainable and comparable to other tools like Sketch