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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
Hmm seems quite pricey (at $199) for a prototyping tool. Can't people build similar prototypes elsewhere without the price tag? Even in Xcode you can prototype relatively easily
Anatoli NicolaeHunter@anatolinicolae · Founder of Thunder²
@bentossell It is pricey but it does a really great job by allowing you to use real data from JSON/XML APIs or RSS Feeds to populate entries in the views. Also, it can export Xcode projects so you get a fully working app with real data.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@anatolinicolae thanks for letting me know! I was just assessing from an outsiders POV, I've not used this app
Anatoli NicolaeHunter@anatolinicolae · Founder of Thunder²
@bentossell Check out Features page, they've listed all the cool things there.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@anatolinicolae Okay there is a lot there! Thanks :)
Ivan ZhaoHiring@ivanhzhao · Co-founder, Notion
This deserves more recognition. I see you have been working on it for a while. What's the story behind it? @iamjonraphael
Alex Aubert@alexaubert · UX director @ DxO
iOS app only available in the US App Store? What's the point? o.O
Jon RaphaelMaker@iamjonraphael · Making Composé
@alexaubert Hi Alex. The iOS preview app is available for every customer worldwide, currently distributed via download link (Ad Hoc with UDID).
Dami Dina@damidina
@iamjonraphael What is the link to download the iOS app?
Hector Lopez@hlopez_ · CEO | Munkee Apps
I think this is really awesome. This is bridging the gap between prototyping and coding, I think there isn't a tool that allows a complete native prototype without having to write Swift code. There are some things that aren't very straightforward and localization issues in German, but great start! Good job!
Marc Seitz@mfts0 · CTO at @Hackerbay
Who came up with the complicated URL is what I'm wondering?!...
Jon RaphaelMaker@iamjonraphael · Making Composé
@mfts0 Hi Marc. It's acually something called Punycode that was invented for non-ASCII characters. It should read getcomposé (.com), if your browser displays it correctly. Otherwise it looks really funny.
Anatoli NicolaeHunter@anatolinicolae · Founder of Thunder²
@mfts0 They also have a simple URL: