An editor for creating interactive iOS prototypes and apps

Hmm seems quite pricey (at $199) for a prototyping tool. Can't people build similar prototypes elsewhere without the price tag? Even in Xcode you can prototype relatively easily
@bentossell It is pricey but it does a really great job by allowing you to use real data from JSON/XML APIs or RSS Feeds to populate entries in the views. Also, it can export Xcode projects so you get a fully working app with real data.
@anatolinicolae thanks for letting me know! I was just assessing from an outsiders POV, I've not used this app
@bentossell Check out Features page, they've listed all the cool things there.
@anatolinicolae Okay there is a lot there! Thanks :)
This deserves more recognition. I see you have been working on it for a while. What's the story behind it? @iamjonraphael
iOS app only available in the US App Store? What's the point? o.O
@alexaubert Hi Alex. The iOS preview app is available for every customer worldwide, currently distributed via download link (Ad Hoc with UDID).
@iamjonraphael What is the link to download the iOS app?
I think this is really awesome. This is bridging the gap between prototyping and coding, I think there isn't a tool that allows a complete native prototype without having to write Swift code. There are some things that aren't very straightforward and localization issues in German, but great start! Good job!
Who came up with the complicated URL is what I'm wondering?!...
@mfts0 Hi Marc. It's acually something called Punycode that was invented for non-ASCII characters. It should read getcomposé (.com), if your browser displays it correctly. Otherwise it looks really funny.
@mfts0 They also have a simple URL: