A tiny app that lets you send email distraction free.

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Mulligan is at it again. And this time it is as beautiful as ever. I'm not an investor, just a fan of his simple, clean execution. Congrats.
@sacca thanks chris. sorry testflight was a mess. hopefully you can use this finally :)
Compose is a simple little app that lets you send email without being overwhelmed by what's in your inbox. Just open compose and start writing. Download it here from the App Store The app’s complexity is unrivaled. Here’s how it works: 1. Open Compose 2. Tap “Compose New Email” 3. Write email and tap send However, we realized that utilizing bleeding edge, disruptive technology, we could simplify the workflow by over 33%! By selecting the “Start composing when app opens” option, the workflow magically changes to this: 1. Open Compose 2. Write and send email. I guess you could call Compose the “Uber for Compose Screens.” Enjoy. Compose took me about an hour to design and @rizzledizzle about an hour to build. Happy to answer any other questions...
@rizzledizzle @mulligan Super cool guys, just downloaded! I'm a Captio user. It's a first page app that I use every day, multiple times to send myself notes, to-do's, etc. Been looking for the counterpart (Compose) option for a while -- email others, without having to look at my inbox. Would pay $$ for a desktop version.
@rizzledizzle @mattdsandler Awesome. Glad you like it!
this is my favorite weather app. it's better than the default iOS app. that app never tells me when it's going to rain but Compose is always 100% on the money.
@hunterwalk wait until you see the polar bear location integration
@hunterwalk @mulligan I'm missing something. Hi, guys!
Too often I need to send a quick email, only to get distracted with a waterfall of emails in my inbox. I like the simplicity of Compose.
As usual, Brenden & co are defending my iPhone from distraction. Super useful and well executed.
@jakek Thanks man. Appreciated!