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I’m excited that Compo has been hunted by @linuz90, thank you! I’m one of the creators of Compo, a writing app for iOS. The initial idea behind the app was TextEdit for iOS. Although that was the initial flame, we subsequently went beyond that idea to create a really beautiful, but still simple and intuitive, writing app. Compo gives you a single place to compose and save all of your writings, whether they be short stories, articles, blog posts, poems, essays... whatever inspires you. Everything is automatically saved and synced to iCloud Drive, making it available on all your devices, from iPhone to iPad to Mac or PC. From there you can share your writings to countless other apps and services. Everything about Compo is intuitive and user friendly. We’ve worked hard on releasing this initial version and are excited to keep improving and expanding Compo to be even better in the future. You can check out more info on or follow us on Twitter @compotext.